As part of the NORDQUA network, we aim to highlight recent Quaternary PhD graduates from Norden. Profiles are organised by the host institution’s country, with most recent graduates listed first. Thesis abstracts and contact information can be found by clicking into each profile.

If you, or know of someone, who would like to be included here, please let us know by uploading details via this form.

Sunniva Rutledal

Tephrochronology of the North Atlantic during the Last Glacial period – a paleoclimate synchronization tool

  • University of Bergen
Anne Sofie Søndergaard

Holocene glacial history of Northwest and North Greenland

  • Aarhus University
Carl Regnéll

Tracing the Eurasian Ice Sheet Complex - Studies from the Polar Ural Mountains and Scandinavia

  • University of Bergen
Thorbjörg Sigfúsdóttir

Past dynamics of a marine-terminating glacier in lower Borgarfjörður, west Iceland – Analyses of glaciotectonic sediments and landforms

  • University of Iceland, Lund University
Wesley Farnsworth

Holocene glacier history of Svalbard: Retracing the style of (de-)glaciation

  • UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Mariana Esteves

Collapse of a marine-based ice sheet

  • UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
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